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of course, this is exactly how it sounds, full of spells. These spells are very good, I have used them before. Here are a few:

Invocation of Power

I take the power in my hands

from Air and Fire, Water and Land,

Of the angels and the powers of divinity

moves and pulsates the energy in me

I bring, I birth i bring form

I raise with might and energy storm

I bring I build the ultimate power

from me blooms a perfect flower

of strength,

of healing,

of reign...

Love Spell



A pink candle                                  

Musk oil                                     


Marjoram herb                       

A small pink cloth with the words                     

"dream of me, be with me" on one side                      

and "just a little nudge" on the other                            

Little pink or red pouch                              

metal or glass plate   

What to do: Cast the circle, call the quarters, the usual...

Dim the lights, leave a candle burning if you wish. Take the pink candle and anoint it with the musk oil while thinking of the intended. Scratch the name of the person on one side of the candle with the pin and the word love on the other. Place the pink cloth in the plate with the "just a little nudge" facing down. Light the candle and affix the cloth to the plate by letting hot wax drip on the corners of the cloth.   

While visualizing your desire, use the wax drippings to form the shape of a heart in the middle of the cloth. Drip some wax in the center of it and place the candle there. With the candle burning, empower a pinch of marjoram by pinching it tightly between your fingers and feeling energy flowing into it.

Sprinkle the marjoram on the place touching the heart and candle. Let the candle burn down. Crinkle the hard pool of wax as much as you can while thinking of your desire. Take the remains of wax, marjoram and the cloth and put them in the small pink or red pouch.       

Sleep with the pouch under your pillow and by using dream direction, allow yourself to dream of the intended (even if in the morning you don't remember the dream, don't fret, you probably dreamed of the person) Sleep like this for as long as needed until the day comes when you are going to meet the person.      

Then, take the pouch with you. When you see that person, wait until the time is right. Close your eyes and touch the pouch. Feel it's power. Open your eyes and glance straight at the intended.                                

So mote it be!

soften the heart spell

The following is a spell that is also likely to be used by teens. This spell soften the heart of the person that is cast on. May be a teacher or a parent or a boss!

Red Pen

Blue Pen

10 cm x 10 cm paper

green leaves

Write name of person to soften in paper, in capital letters, using blue pen and cross it with a pentacle On the other side of the paper write the following words using a red pen and encircle them with a heart:





Place the leaves on the side with the heart and fold paper four times. Don't let the leaves fall. Place paper on your heart, say:

MAY THIS GIFTS FILL YOUR HEART (name of person to soften)




Keep paper near heart for the rest of the day. In the night place paper in a park or your garden. Love Spells Protection Spells Luck Spells Healing Spells Home