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Welcome to the Firewizards Lair! Here,ou will learn all about the ones that hold the dragon soul, and the art of draconic magick. This is basically an informational section of the site, anyone is welcome here, dragonkin or not. Those that are basically interested, there will be a forum for both dragonkin and othrkin alike. People who are not otherkin are also welcome. A new art page will be up soon to show any dragon art or pictures.

My Draconity

I am a Dragonkin and have an astral home called Gaundaria where I have many friends, but there is a war there where a bunch of my friends were killed, and Gaundaria was taken over by the Inlanders, which leaves the last 180 of us hiding. There were many species there(dragons, elves, unicorns, pegasis, faeries, ect.), and we now only have a few of each, and it started of with 10s of thousands of creatures there. In my awakening, I was abandoned at birth, and my family was killed shortly after, and in every one of my past lives, I fought in a war, and was killed in a war, so its like its following me. The picture above is the only pic closest to my dragon spirit, and I think it looks quite cool;).


Here are some cool draconic links of mine, and are very useful informational sites, and you will come to intrest of them. Draconic Tysha's Dragon Lair(I think its the best) Dragon Pics What is a Dragonkin? Home