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Save The Dragons Campaign!

Please help these living treasures from extinction, and ABUSE!!! People misregarded dragons as horrible, ugly-hearted creatures with no respect, but the truth is, they are very loveable and kind-hearted(once you get to know them) They only fight back for protection, or for revenge for what a person or society has done to them. So please, support us!

Yes, dragons are real. No, they don't exist in physical form (that I am aware least on this plane of existence). Yes, they did (and still do) exist in physical form. It all depends on where you are, and whether they want to be seen or not.

A dragon is like any other type of kin in the fact that they do exist, but there is really no way to prove it to those that have their eyes closed. They existed long ago, and they still exist to this day. Asking if they existed long ago is much like asking a were/vamp/daemon/etc if they existed long ago. They all did then, and they all still do now.


Here's my cute little dragon Max!

See how friendly dragons really are!

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